VolumeCheck Software

Box Volume Check

Volume Check Sofware is a specialy designed monitoring software. It allows to determine quickly and easily the condition of the anilox line screen .


  • A drop of liquid is deposited on the surface of anilox roller with the use of a pipette.
  • The deposited drop is spread over the surface of a roller by continuous movement of a doctor blade.
  • The measurement area is manually transferred on a paper sheet, to be marked and recorded on a. bmp file using a scanner.
  • The volume of the printed area is then calculated by Volume Check Software.

Key Benefits

  • Easy to handle : calculating volume with a simple mouse click, the full control of the roller requires about 6 measurements.
  • Lower expenses.
  • Immediate presentation of the line screen state and volume : contamination or wear of the roller ?
  • Different kinds of cylinders can be tested : the back-up facility of the results.
  • Obtained results are easily transferred to Excel, Access, etc.
  • Test certificate is established by program after the monitoring.
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