Manufacturing and Repairing

We manufacture and carry out repairs of rollers and sleeves in our premises. We also prepare a checklist for you . Two kinds of repairs are possible depending on condition of a damaged roller :

  • Mechanical Reparations,
  • Removal of the damaged covering (reconditioning of the surface by the coating and engraving process).

Our Manufacturing and Repair Techniques :

  • Ceramic Plasma Spraying : the high temperature ceramic is projected on the entire roller surface. This solid ceramics, makes a roller more resistant , to any kinds of scratches.
  • Rectification : in order to make the roller surface smooth before engraving, we apply the rectification , and polishing processes.
  • Laser Engraving Process : the anilox line screen is engraved with the help of laser, allowing to engrave a ceramic gravure over the entire surface area. The volume, the cell dimensions and a screen angle remain steady, guaranteeing the excellent ink transfert.

The laser engraved anilox screen is extremely thin, which allows to obtain the highly detailed impressions.

We carry out the standard anilox engravings of 30 °, 45°, 60°, Point, Channel, Helical, Line (and others more specific ones on request ).

System of Control

Our technicians have all the necessary equipment (as a microscope, and Z.VoluCheck) to visit you and verify your rollers.

At the end of this operation, a control report is provided for each roller, allowing you to anticipate a need of cleaning or repairing.

Cleaning of Rollers

We can also realize the cleaning of your clogged rollers in our premises, using the different techniques :

  • Dry Cleaning by sodium bicarbonate spray powder ,
  • Ultrasonic Cleaning,
  • Laser Cleaning.