Our skill: laser engraving
We design and provide our customers the best solution of ceramic laser engraving for anilox cylinders and sleeves!

Our anilox, new or refurbishing

Our know-how in laser technology meets all your needs and all different application types! We are specialized in refurbishing, but we can also provide brand new rollers and sleeves.

As the first French anilox manufacturer we can make custom-made products thanks to many innovations that are created and designed in-house. We precisely respond to requests from printing, packaging and converting professionals here in the whole market, thanks to our long and rich experience in fields such as flexible packaging, corrugated board and label.

We operate in a wide range of applications: flexography, rotogravure, coating, adhesive, paper treatments, rotary tampography, embellishment, varnish…

Thanks to our expertise on a wide range of techniques, we can deal with a large variety of interventions. Our mastery of the laser engraving process allows us to operate on voluminous amounts of orders.

Our products have a unique resistance to wear and corrosion and an extended period of use. These qualities are essential for a tool of that importance.

Our original and innovative laser technology ensures engraving accuracy all along the cylinder.

Thanks to this know-how, we guarantee a period of use at least 15 times longer for our ceramic anilox than for the chrome ones.

Anilox cylinders

Extended period of use

Our ceramic cylinders deliver the exact amount of desired coating thanks to our custom-made laser engraving and the design of our screens. They are very resistant to scratches and corrosion, thus extending their period of use.

Anilox Sleeves

An stainless ring for better protection

Our ceramic sleeves are equipped with an extended stainless ring, more resistant than aluminum. This feature helps limiting damage on the ceramic edges and improves longevity

Special applications

Coating, rotogravure, tampography

Our customers are constantly innovating to offer different products and services standing out and offering various features. To answer their needs and thus distinctiveness, we do everything in our power to offer them marking and surface treatment that perfectly fit these special applications, such as coating, rotogravure or tampography.

Laser engraved screens

All our screens are in-house elaborated

60° Hexagonal

45° Diamond


30° Hexagonal

Dot screen

76° Long cell

Our customers will recognize all screens available on the market, whether used for traditional or specific operations. All our screens are designed in our French manufacture, engraved with hexagonal, helicoidal or any other shape. From 10 to 500 l/cm and of high standard, they assure an excellent result for all kinds of prints!

TRESU Doctor Blade Chamber

France exclusive provider

Your exclusive provider of Doctor Blade Chamber !

For a constant and replicable printing quality with fast blade chamber change, the TRESU Doctor Blade Chamber system ensures the highest sealing quality and longest lifetime, helping process optimization!