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Screens laser engraving for anilox cylinders and sleeves

The screen represents all the micro cells engraved over the ceramic layer that cover rollers. Its function is to collect the ink from the inking container and to deposit the right amount of ink on the plate or the base to print.

Using YAG laser provide high accuracy cells engraving all along the rollers, from few centimeters up to 4 meters, with volumes from 0.5 cm3/m² to 120 cm3/m², a hardness up to 1 500 Vickers and a screen ruling up to 600 l/cm.

Once engraved, the surface of the cylinders and the sleeves is extremely soft, which enable the blade to work very well and extend rollers’ time of use.

Traditional and specific screens

Each industry needs appropriate tools, thus, it’s essential for us to master the laser engraving of both traditional and specific screens as for coating, rotogravure and tampography.

Screens can take different shapes: helicoidal, hexagonal, Diamond, Dot Screen, Long Cell, from 30 to 76°.

A technology developed in-house

In an industry in constant change, it’s important to offer new innovative products to our customers, helping them pursuing their development.

The design of all our screens is made in-house, thanks to our budget dedicated to innovation. Thus, we master the design and the production of new screens, as well as the improvement of our own equipment.